How to bring ArcGIS Pro maps into Adobe Illustrator

Sarah Bell from Esri presents robust mapping and design tool named Maps for Adobe 2.0.

Sarah Bell says: “In 2015, I gave my very first NACIS talk on a fun mapping tool prototype we were calling ArcGIS Maps for Adobe CC, co-presented with Clint Loveman. Over the past 5 years, this prototype has grown from a plug-in prototype for bringing online GIS data into Adobe Illustrator to a robust mapping & design tool with features such as data visualization & data filtering, labeling – and much more! In Spring 2020, we released Maps for Adobe 2.0 – an upgrade that allows users to open their ArcGIS Pro-created maps into Illustrator, with layering, labeling, and styling preserved. In this talk, I will demonstrate this new 2.0 feature, along with a lot of additional cartography tools that we’ve added to Maps for Adobe.”

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