Parrot Announces Partnership with Colorado Drone Chargers

Parrot announced a partnership with Colorado Drone Chargers (CDC), a provider of field ready, high speed drone charging systems.

Parrot and CDC designed a revolutionary charging system for the ANAFI USA batteries, allowing professionals to simultaneously charge four Parrot ANAFI USA 3400mAh flight batteries in the field and in less time than a standard charging system.

The new CDC ANAFI USA PRCS Elite will recharge four batteries from a 20% charge level to a full charge in approximately 60 minutes for all the four batteries. This means more time in the air, with less batteries to charge and to carry into the field.

This Made in the USA charging system, is designed to be powered from diverse power sources ranging from pure sinewave to modified sinewave, often provided by inverters and generators.

Parrot and Colorado Drone Chargers understand the importance of rapid drone deployment and rapid charging. For many of our professional users, time spent recharging batteries is time away from saving lives and impacting productivity and efficiencies.

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