, WebGL-powered framework for visual exploratory data analysis, moves to open governance

Ib Green, CTO at Unfolded and the lead architect of, has announced that, which has been developed under the stewardship of Uber’s Engineering organization over the last 5 years, has now taken a big step and moved to an open governance model.

In addition, 8.2, the first community planned version of, has been released in August 2020.

Longer Term Roadmaps ( v9)

The open governance meeting also gave the tech leads a good opportunity to provide the community with a glimpse of features that are being considered for the next major releases of the frameworks, such as:

Improved support for non-JavaScript programming languages

  • pydeck
  • (C++ port)
  • Swiftdeck, Javadeck for mobile
  • Language independent styling specification, cross-language transport protocol

Core Features

  • Globe projections
  • Advanced Tile Layer Features
  • Typescript, WebGPU, ES Modules

These are just a few highlights, for those interested in the details, the slides from the presentation are linked at the end of this post.

Also check out the 8.2 Whats’ New page as it details the outcome of the first community planned release.

Join the movement!

A goal of the moving and the other frameworks to an open governance model is of course to open the doors to additional participation. We want to grow the community, and if you are interested don’t hesitate to reach out on the channels below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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