Trimble X7 scanner receives Red Dot Design Award and two other international design awards

Trimble X7 scanner and Perspective 3D Scanning Solution has received three international design awards: iF Design Award 2021, Red Dot Design Award 2021 and New York Design Award 2020.

Trimble X7 comes as a stand-alone scanner, but you can also buy it as a complete solution, with the Perspective software. Perspective runs on a tablet and is specifically designed for in-field control and complete registration. The combination enables scans and images to be captured, fully registered together, refined, controlled and exported to a variety of established data formats for Trimble and non-Trimble software suites.

The Trimble X7 was designed and developed by an accomplished international project team with decades of experience using and designing scanners, total stations and application software. The team included Trimble employees in product management and marketing in Westminster, Colorado; project management in Danderyd, Sweden; optical instrument design and manufacturing engineers in Jena, Germany; scanning hardware, firmware and software engineers in Paris, France; and application engineers worldwide.

ART-KON-TOR Produktentwicklung GmbH of Jena, Germany was primarily responsible for the X7’s industrial design for usability, function, ergonomics and housing construction. The industrial design focused on making professional 3D laser scanning accessible to a broad group of users while remaining quick and easy to use.

“Our research showed that users in the surveying and forensics communities wanted a complete, solution-oriented 3D scanning system with a simplified design—and our team delivered with the Trimble X7,” said Gregory Lepere, marketing director of Optical & Imaging for Trimble Geospatial. “Our customers continue to share stories of productivity gains and project accomplishments using the X7, and it’s great to see that leading design experts on panels from three different international design awards agree it is an innovative solution.”

The Trimble X7 with the Perspective software combine to create a versatile high-speed 3D scanning solution for digitizing the physical world for as-built documentation for buildings, civil infrastructure, topographic surveys, cultural heritage sites and the reconstruction of accident or crime scenes. The X7 is self-leveling, has a fast coaxial camera system, and a laser pointer for georeferencing and single-point measurements. Compact, lightweight and able to fit in a backpack, the Trimble X7 also provides automatic registration in the field.

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