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EarthCam unveils next-gen Procore integration

Aat Procore Groundbreak, EarthCam announced its fourth generation of integration for Procore – the most widely used construction software platform. As Procore’s number one jobsite camera provider, EarthCam unveiled new ways to incorporate visual information for safety and compliance. Building…

GIS Day posters

GIS Day is the international celebration of GIS technology. This year the event will be November 18, 2020, organized all around the world. On GIS Day, GIS professionals help others learn about geography and the real-world applications of GIS that…

GNSS receiver manufacturers

GNSS receiver manufacturers make many types of hardware and software, for many purposes (surveying, precise surveying, monitoring, agriculture, navigation…). In general, GNSS receiver is an electronic device that receives and digitally processes the signals from a navigation satellite constellation in…

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