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Calculation of agro-climatic factors

During Covid-19 INSPIRE hackathon, one of challenges is the calculation of agro-climatic factors. Agro-climatic factors and utilization in agri-food sector Datasets available for calculation of factors Datasets of ground measurements Calculation methods of selected factors Process of comparison of global…

2020 Galileo performance reports

Galileo OS and SAR Service Performance Reports for the second quarter of 2020 (covering April, May and June) have been published on the European GNSS Service Centre (GSC) web portal. The Galileo Open Service (OS) and Search and Rescue (SAR)…

Galileo next-gen satellites on the horizon

With 26 satellites now in orbit and over 1.5 billion smartphones and devices worldwide receiving highly accurate navigation signals, Europe’s Galileo navigation system will soon become even better, ensuring quality services over the next decades.  Following the European Commission’s decision…

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