GeoMax launches major update to its X-PAD software for topographic survey and construction tasks

GeoMax, a provider of construction and surveying instruments and software, has launched Service Pack 2 (SP2) for X-PAD, its flagship software for high-end topographic survey and construction tasks.

X-PAD is a modular software that helps surveying and construction professionals with tasks demanding the highest accuracy, such as measure, setting out, BIM check and control, roading, mapping, bathymetry, monitoring and GIS. The new Service Pack 2 introduces important features designed to make it even easier to obtain the most accurate measurements and update plans and drawings seamlessly.

Service Pack 2/2020 for X-PAD Ultimate will have new features of X-TILT. With X-TILT the inclination of a GNSS or a TPS pole can be calculated after a fast calibration procedure. X-TILT enables the dual tag functionality on all GNSS receiver models – a unique feature in the market. The same solutions is also available for total stations.

Service Pack 2/2020 for X-PAD Fusion brings a variety of new CAD functions but also faster calculation, support of RTK click & go for RTK flights and orthophoto on any plane in the X-PHOTO option.

GeoMax is adding significant functionality twice a year for a single low-cost subscription to X-Pert. Existing users may choose to subscribe or qualify for Shield and retain current functionality for no extra cost.

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