UAVOS continues to implement its program of unmanned aircraft conversion

UAVOS has started testing its converted UVH-500 delivery unmanned aerial system (UAS).

Designed to compete in an advanced long distance and intercity transportation segment of the UAV delivery market, long – range heavy – lift UVH-500 UAS is based on the piloted CH7 helicopter platform. The trial involves testing of the air basic aircraft systems, emergency operating modes including autorotation landing, flights with a cargo container weighing up to 287 lb (130 kg).

The UVH -500 has been created as a part of UAVOS’s pilot into unmanned aircraft conversion programme and addresses the growing market of UAV cargo delivery. Measuring 23 ft (7 meters) long, 5 ft (1,50 meter) wide and 7,7 ft (2,35 meters) tall, and with a rotor diameter of 20,6 ft (6,28 meters), it is capable of carrying up to 353 lb (160 kg) with a range of up to 522 mi (840 km).

UAVOS‘s conversion solutions incorporate installing an increased fuel tank and setting repositioned and larger heat exchangers that make wider operational temperatures range. UAVOS’s parachute system has been installed as well. Сockpit, push/pull rods and flight instruments have been removed. The autonomous system mounted on the UVH-500 belongs to a family of autopilot solutions developed by UAVOS.

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