Robert Downey Jr. discusses geodesign and more sustainable future with Esri’s president Jack Dangermond

In Downstream’s third episode, FootPrint Coalition’s own Robert Downey Jr. and Rachel Kropa explore the concept of geodesign and how we can harness technology to build better buildings and cities for a more sustainable future. Downey and Kropa take a walk through history and examine new technologies that architects and urban planners are using to make construction more integrated with the natural world.

Through conversations with experts like Bran Ferren, the founder of Applied Minds and former head of Disney’s Imagineering; Jack Dangermond, the pioneering innovator and co-founder of the geospatial mapping company ESRI; and Sandeep Ahuja, the co-founder of the new architecture and software design startup, Cove.Tool.

Robert and Rachel learn about how to integrate nature and design to reduce carbon emissions in our built environment.

You can watch video at YouTube.

0:00 – Intro 2:16 – “What is in the box?” 2:44 – Theme 5:36 – 1st Guest: Bran Ferren 16:21 – 2nd Guest: Jack Dangermond 25:55 – 3rd Guest: Sandeep Ahuja 32:39 – Recap

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