Point IoT project, funded by H2020, has 10 semifinalists

Ten teams of H2020 funded Point IoT project are now into phase II, a three-month virtual sprint with one-on-one coaching from industry experts to ensure the solutions are both technically robust and strategically positioned for market success.

Every year, H2020-funded project Point IoT – gives ten teams the opportunity to tackle crucial industry problems using IoT and Galileo technologies.

Point IoT teams up with company leaders in the field of IoT and with the guidance of GNSS specialists from the GSA helps tomorrow’s EU entrepreneurs bring to life their business ideas. 

This year, teams made up of at least two participants with complementary skills where asked to put pen to paper and solve the challenges of Asset Tracking for Large Scale Infrastructure and Personal Safety in the Workplace. With EGNSS-backed submissions ranging from marine and land monitoring to indoor Galileo SAR solutions, the EU innovation bar was raised high and the decision for the 10 finalists was not an easy one.

The second phase of Point IoT which began earlier in September met ten finalists in a virtual boot camp.

The tech savvy teams were introduced to some essential tools such as insights into IoT, Galileo and innovation strategies by experts from the European GNSS Agency and its partners from the Orange Business Services, SpaceTec Partners and Verhaert New Products & Services.

Participants had a chance to get to know each other through interactive quizzes and virtual round tables, while one-to-one mentoring gave finalists the opportunity to have tailored answers to their specific needs.

The bootcamp was capped off with a variety of tech talks by UBISCALE, u-blox, and SAP about upcoming trends and innovations.

The third stage -already on- is a three-month virtual sprint which comes with one-to-one coaching from IoT and GNSS specialists as well as market development professionals to ensure the solutions are both technically robust and strategically positioned for market success. Teams have also been assigned a lead mentor to motivate and drive progress. 

Point.IoT will culminate in a demo day, where the teams will showcase their success by pitching their solutions to the jury, including the project challenge partners.

The jury will evaluate each team’s solution and decide on the overall winner of the €20,000 cash prize.

The jury will also select five teams to join an investor roadshow, benefitting from networking opportunities, and with the teams being introduced to the programme’s corporate partners and maybe even to their first customers.

The Point IoT semifinalists:

Eliko – Revolutionizing manufacturing with RTLS (Estonia)

Eliko offers a highly accurate indoor-outdoor asset-tracking solution by tracking the movement of raw materials, semi-produced goods, and end products throughout the logistics and production processes. More info

NetH2O – Connecting the seas (Italy)

Elements Works has created an innovative smart buoy called the ‘’netH2O’’ which can be used for monitoring and communications in sectors such as offshore fish farms and marinas. More info

Ridelink – You’ll never ride alone (Germany)

Ridelink is a solution that makes roads safer for motorcyclists. It improves both passive and active motorcycle safety by tracking your driving style through an app and an adaptor. More info

WhereAt Industries – Optimising global trade (Netherlands)

WhereAt Industries solution will improve food supply chain management. Their Smart Logistics Platform provides automated supply chain visibility and enables real-time collaboration with suppliers. More info

LESS Industries – Making things feel, think, and act (Poland)

The LESS cloud is a solution that is a smart monitoring system for use in a variety of cases, such as agriculture, energy, smart cities, and logistics. The system has sensors that measure humidity, light intensity, soil salinity, and CO2 levels. More info

Capte – Ultimate telemetry solutions (Netherlands) 

Capte provides a universal telemetric solution for transportation fleets. Their solution includes software, hardware, and different connectivity options. More info

Stargate RTK – Building sustainable GNSS infrastructure and correction services (Estonia)

Precision Navigation Systems offers a solution that bundles together all GNSS signals like GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou, and QZSS into one package. This allows for easier asset tracking, and can be used by anyone looking for GNSS correction services. More info

Dronetag – Drone flights made safe (Czech Republic)

Their IoT device attaches to the drone and uses satellite from Galileo and EGNOS data to identify and manage flights. More info

MSDK Research Ltd. – Bringing high-tech data-science solutions to the market (Bulgaria) 

MSDK’s location tracking product can be used with no network connection. Their wearable product warns workers and managers of potential dangers and accidents. More info

Shyn – Revolutionising seamless outdoor-indoor positioning market (Belgium)

Team Epic Blue has a solution for tracking first responders that operates both indoors and outdoors. Their location tracking IoT wearable provides information on first responders, no matter where they are. More info

Source: GSA website http://www.gsa.europa.eu

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