6 books about QGIS software

QGIS is the open source software, fully comparable to Esri ArcGIS as it is described in this document, founded by Tim Sutton.

Anita Graser (@underdarkGIS) and Gretchen N. Peterson (@PetersonGIS) updated their book named QGIS Map Design for new QGIS 3.x a while ago, so we have collected several other titles about QGIS software.

Anita Graser, Gretchen N. Peterson: QGIS Map Design (2nd ed.) (Locate Press, 2020)

Shammunul Islam, Simon Miles, Kurt Menke et al.: Mastering Geospatial Development with QGIS 3.x: An in-depth guide to becoming proficient in spatial data analysis using QGIS 3.4 and 3.6 with Python (3rd ed.) (Packt, 2019)

Anita Graser, Andrew Cutts: Learn QGIS Your step-by-step guide to the fundamental of QGIS 3.4 (4th ed.) (Packt, 2018)

Anita Graser, Ben Mearns, Alex Mandel, Victor Olaya Ferrero, Alexander Bruy: QGIS: Becoming a GIS Power User (Packt, 2017)

Gabor Farkas: Practical GIS: Learn novice to advanced topics such as QGIS, Spatial data analysis, and more (Packt, 2017)

Joel Lawhead: QGIS Python Programming Cookbook (2nd ed.), (Packt, 2017)

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