Trimble’s new flowmeter enables utilities to monitor sewer networks in real-time to reduce flooding and overflows

Trimble announced today a new digital flowmeter for real-time monitoring of flow and level in wastewater utility networks. The Telog Raven-Eye 2 flowmeter extends the capabilities of Trimble’s digital wastewater portfolio to deliver a comprehensive solution for reducing flooding and sewer overflows, monitoring inflow and infiltration (I&I) and ensuring accurate flow metering for wastewater billing.  

Contactless Flow Monitoring:  Telog Raven-Eye 2 Flowmeter

The Telog Raven-Eye 2 flowmeter delivers a flexible contactless monitoring solution using radar technology for accurate measurement of velocity, level and flow. Installation is safe and simple at sites with high-velocity flows and its position above the flow removes the risk of siltation and clogging, reducing maintenance visits. Combined with the battery-powered Telog Ru-35 recorder, the Internet of Things (IoT) solution provides a cost-effective installation that can be rapidly deployed and moved as monitoring requirements change, providing flexibility and increased return on investment.

“With the addition of the Telog Raven-Eye 2 flowmeter to our hardware portfolio we can now provide customers with a contactless flow measurement solution,” said Alain Samaha, vice president of Trimble’s Utilities and Public Administration. “Coupled with our Telog Ru-35 recorder, the latest Trimble Unity Remote Monitoring and Cityworks asset management software, wastewater utilities can now leverage a complete and powerful digital solution across their operation.”

The Telog Ru-35 recorder transfers captured data to the Trimble Unity Remote Monitoring software in the cloud or at the customers’ premise—providing near real-time insights, alerts and situational awareness for rapid response to emerging incidents. Trimble Unity Remote Monitoring tools provide I&I analysis and KPIs for condition assessment of the collection network assets. These KPIs—when combined with spatial, time-series analytics in Cityworks asset management software—enable utilities to meet regulatory compliance mandates and reduce penalties. In addition, by identifying critical risk areas, utilities can drive strategic investment plans for asset replacement and rehabilitation.

The Telog Raven-Eye 2 flowmeter is available for demonstration and is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2020. Trimble Unity Remote Monitoring software and the Telog Ru-35 recorder is available now through Trimble Water and Trimble Water Authorized Business Partners. The solutions are modular and can be purchased separately or bundled. For additional information on the Telog Raven-Eye 2 flowmeter, visit:

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