Hexagon adds larger display HxGN AgrOn Ti10 for agriculture

Like the previous generation, the HxGN AgrOn Ti10 allows the use of various precision agriculture solutions in just one display but innovates with a 10.1-inch HD display and a high-performance processor.

To keep up with an increasingly demanding market, Hexagon’s Agriculture division globally launches a new generation of displays, HxGN AgrOn Ti10. With a 10.1-inch high-definition (HD) screen, powerful processors, and additional features, the onboard controller adds even more innovation to the field.

“The development of this product considered trends in the sector and the increasing use of precision agriculture in agricultural and forestry operations. Ti10 is prepared for future technologies, which are possible from the resources of this high-performance equipment,” explains Bernardo de Castro, President of Hexagon’s Agriculture division.

The launch is also characterised as an advanced integration tool for operations in the field, assisting in the efficiency of fully connected, synchronised and optimised processes by digital means.

The next-generation processor ensures the execution of complex software with superior performance, being able to process both advanced algorithms and synchronisation between machines. This differentiated processing even allows certain functions to be performed in the equipment itself, without necessarily requiring external solutions or sending data for cloud processing. The innovation, known as Edge Computing, is a trend in the field and brings as its main advantage the ability to make smarter and more agile decisions.

The HxGN AgrOn Ti10 still had its storage capacity for settings, maps, and logs expanded relative to other models. This enables a much larger record of field data, which facilitates and enriches the management and analysis of information. Decision-making is also enhanced with a camera and audio system with built-in speaker and microphone, which increases interactivity and provides greater possibilities of use for the operator’s everyday life.

The enlarged screen ensures greater visibility of information and comfort for the user, besides allowing the display to be used for multitasking, with accurate visualisation of several applications at the same time.

All the benefits of technology in one display

Intuitive and compatible with various machines in the market, the Ti10 display allows the use of all precision agriculture solutions from Hexagon in a single device. Products such as AgrOn Auto Steering, AgrOn Machine Monitoring, AgrOn Sprayer Control and AgrOn Fertilisation Control, for example, promote machine automation and real-time field monitoring, generating more efficiency in performing mechanised operations.

“It is possible to integrate all processes — planning, cultivation, harvesting and logistics – resulting in improved use of resources and inputs, avoiding waste and increasing profitability”, says Bernardo de Castro.

Like other Hexagon technologies, HxGN AgrOn Ti10 also enables working with ISOBUS, a universal protocol for standardising agricultural and forestry communication. With this technology, there is compatibility of data transfer between systems and software used in the field, offering full flexibility to the producer.

Without the standard, the machinery needs a cabling structure for each sensor and a screen for each implement. With ISOBUS, all excess embedded appliances and cables are eliminated, leaving a single display. “The result is less complexity and much more productivity”, says the president of the Agriculture division.

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